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Wael El Gammal

Wael El Gammal

Head of Nuclear Safeguards and Nuclear Security Sector

Currently, Wael is working as the Head of the Nuclear Safeguards and Nuclear Security Sector at the Egyptian and Radiological Regulatory Authority (ENRRA).

He earned the Bachelor degree of science (physics) in 1987 from the faculty of Science, Cairo University. Since 1991 he joined the Department of Safeguards and Physical Protection at the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority. Since 1993 he started participating in the activities related to implementation of safeguards in Egypt. In 2001 he earned the PhD in nuclear physics from Cairo University.

He was one of the main persons who established the Egyptian System of Accounting-For and control of Nuclear Materials (ESAC). He was the executive supervisor for ESAC during 2007-2008 at EAEA, and 2014-2017 at ENRRA. He resolved many issues on the national and international levels related to safeguards and nuclear security during his work.

Wael is still employing his experience to implement the regulatory functions related to nuclear safeguards and nuclear security, and to fulfill the international safeguards obligations.