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Usama Seddik Moustafa

Usama Seddik Moustafa

Vice Chairman of ENRRA

Prof. Usama Seddik is the Vice Chairman of the Egyptian Nuclear & Radiological Regulatory Authority ”ENRRA”. Prof. Seddik served as an Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer, Assistant Professor and Professor at the Experimental Physics Department- NRC- the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority  “EAEA”, Then he served as a Supervisor of Cyclotron Project and as the Head of the Experimental Nuclear Physics Department , and Vice Chairman of Fundamental Nuclear Science Division , Also he Served as a Supervisor of  the First Egyptian Research Reactor ETRR-1. Then he served as the Chairman of the Nuclear Research Center- NRC- EAEA,

Prof. Seddik has extensive experience for more than 25 years in experimental nuclear physics, and more than 10 years in managerial level at EAEA and ENRRA.

Prof.Seddik has over 50 publications published in the most distinguished National & International Journal in Thermal Diffusion Techniques for Isotope and Gas Separation,  Meason Production using Nuclear Interactions at Medium Energy, and Detection of Nuclear Particles using Passive Techniques.