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Mohammed Gaheen

Head of Nuclear Installation Safety Sector

Mohamed Add El Monem GAHEEN is the Head of Sector of Nuclear Installation Safety (nomination).

He has B. Sc. (1993), M. Sc. (2001) and Ph. D. (2006) in nuclear engineering and diploma in Nuclear Power Plants and their Safety (1998), Alexandria University.

Worked for Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (EAEA) since 1995 and has working experience in research reactor design, commissioning and operations, including 10 years (2006-2016) in senior management positions as ETRR-2 reactor manager and nuclear complex supervisor, and experience of involvement in ETRR-2 safety assessment and licensing and inspection process.

Mohamed GAHEEN was the commissioning manager of ETRR-2 core modification (2011- 2012) and manager of ETRR2 project final acceptance (2015) and continues achievements of development of human resources and participation in IAEA expert missions.