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MPE, CAF Football Cup 2019


June, 2019

12:00 am – 12:00 am

Cairo Stadium, 30th June Stadium, Ismailia Stadium, Suez Stadium and Alexandria Stadium.

ENSSC, Egyptian Nuclear Security Support Center.


In 2019, Egypt hosted the Africa Cup of Nations regional football championship. This biennial sports competition was awarded to Egypt at short notice and the preparation therefore presented a unique security challenge. Egyptian authorities were required to put special systems and measures in place rapidly to prevent, detect, and respond to potential criminal or terrorist acts involving nuclear and other radioactive material during the games. Recognizing that the football matches would need to be screened for possible illicit use of nuclear and other radioactive material, the Government of Egypt turned to the ENSSC to train and lead a team of officers from multiple organizations who could carry out this effort, building on support that the IAEA had given the ENSSC through procurement of radiation detection equipment and provision of training. The ENSSC hosted three government-wide meetings to develop and implement the national plan for nuclear security during this MPE. As a part of that plan, the ENSSC was responsible not only for training the MPE team, but also for supplying and maintaining the radiation detection equipment that would be used during the competition. Serving in these roles, the ENSSC was proudly able and ready to provide necessary support for the Africa Cup of Nations using a diverse range of resources: classrooms, equipment, instructors and technical experts.

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