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Integrated Management System Awareness session


September, 2021

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm


Quality and Audit Department, ENRRA


The Quality and Audit department conducted three awareness sessions on IMS. These sessions were presented by the head of the QA department to ensure that all ENRRA employees and managers are at the same level of understanding the IMS within ENRRA procedures for each component. As ENRRA leader and chairman, Dr. Sami sets an example for all the employees and managers of leading by an example case. He attended the 3rd awareness session, which was held on Thursday, Sep 16, 2021, to give a clear message to all ENRRA personnel on how to be an excellent example to others; even if you are the chairman, you can learn from others. Also, you can always share the knowledge with your organization’s personnel with no complications

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