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INSSP, Egypt Signed Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan with IAEA


November, 2014

12:00 am – 12:00 am

Cairo, Hilton Towers Heliopolis.

ENRRA, Egyptian Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority.


The general objectives of the integrated plan to support nuclear security are:

  • Determining the state’s needs in the field of nuclear security, through an integrated document that includes the necessary improvements to strengthen and improve the country’s nuclear security system,
  • Establishing a time frame for implementing activities related to nuclear security that are agreed upon between the state and the International Atomic Energy Agency within the framework of this plan.
  • Determine the measures required to be implemented to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the country’s nuclear security system.

The plan is not legally binding on both sides (the state or the agency), but it is taken as an indication of the state’s strong commitment to continue developing its nuclear security infrastructure and implementing those necessary improvements. The Arab Republic of Egypt decided in early 2012 to implement the integrated nuclear security support plan, During the formulation of the plan, Egypt took into account the legal and regulatory frameworks in effect in this regard and its nuclear and radiological infrastructure (nuclear and radiological facilities and activities), to ensure that the plan meets national requirements. In strengthening the nuclear security system for those facilities and activities. Egypt Hosted IAEA Delegation Headed by the Head of nuclear Security Division in November 2014 for signing ceremony

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